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Part # Description Inquiry for Product; UVMax Pro10 (10GPM) V. Lowest price guaranteed on the Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Model Pro20 ultraviolet (UV) water sterilizer / purifier. The Pro 20 is NSF/ANSI 55 Class A validated for flow rates up to 20 GPM for regulated whole house and commerical applications. Featuring 2-year lamp life, UV intensity monitor, cooling system, true flow-based dose montoring, and LightWise technology to save energy and prevent sleeve. The VIQUA Pro20 UV system is NSF Class A certified to treat flow rates of up to 20 GPM. This means that for suitable applications, such as large home ( Bedrooms) filtration and commercial use, the Pro20 will disinfect pathogenic bacteria, viruses, Cryptosporidium or Giardia to safe levels. The Pro20 is also capable of V, Hz. Product Manuals Videos Technical Documents. Home > Trojan UV. Trojan UV. Products Trojan UV Max E, E plus, Pro 7 Replacement Lamp BB- Sale. $ Sale Price: $ Trojan UV Max F, F Plus, Pro 15 NSF Replacement Lamp Trojan UV PRO 10/G/G Plus Replacement Lamp. Sale. $ Sale Price: $ Viqua Trojan UVMax Controller PRO10 (PRE) Replacement Ballast for Model Pro Easily swap out for old unit. Product Number UVS

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Related Manuals for Trojan Technologies Trojan UV Max Water Filtration Systems Trojan Technologies TrojanUVMax Pro10 Owner's Manual Pro/plus/basic series ultraviolet water. High-performance amalgam UV lamp, reduces maintenance requirements by lasting up to 2 years replacement Reliable: New, market leading flow-meter / UV sensor combination provides real-time UV dose Powerful/Space Saving: Revolutionary Amalgam lamp provides 4x the output of standard output lamps, giving you compact single-lamp systems that are.

• The UV lamp inside the disinfection system is rated at an effective life of approximately hours. To ensure continuous pro tection, replace the UV lamp once in two years. • The UV system is not to be used or played with by children. Persons with reduced physical, sensory or.

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Trojan lamp is the replacement UV lamp for use with the obsolete Aqua UV, Advantage 8 Basic and Plus water disinfection system UVMax C4 is replaced by VIQUA D4 Wastewater. max tm max tm max tm "ul" or "ce" see design table (2 pl's) uv sterilizer 98ha item no qty. item description part no. drawing no. 1 1 label, blank 3-part uvmax gen2 rev revision description log no.

rev by chk by do not scale drawing interpret dimensions and tolerances per asme ym dimensions are in inches tolerances apply. Trojan Technologies designs UV systems with validated components and only approved genuine parts should be used. Trojan UV - Water Confidence. Newsletter Sign-Up Contact Us. Products. Wastewater. Trojan Technologies. Gore Road, London, Ontario, N5V 4T7 Canada. The amount of UV light created by the Trojan UV lamp decreases over time, requiring that the lamp be replaced every 12 months.

Trojan UVMax A, B, C, B4, C4 Models: You have to keep up with the time since you last replaced the UV lamp/bulb. It is recommended that after 12 months follow these instructions to replace system with a new lamp. About UV Max (Trojan UV) Systems. All UV Max Systems include all components and accessories needed for initial installation and use. These include UV Lamp, Electronic Ballast, Quartz Sleeve & Stainless Steel UV Reactor (Water Chamber). UV Max GPM UV System w/ UV Intensity Monitor & 2 Year Lamp Life Learn More Qty: Add to.

Trojan UV Lamps should be changed annually. Quartz Sleeves for Trojan UV Max, Trojan UV Max Plus and Trojan UV Max Pro Series UV Water Treatment Systems can be changed less frequently as long as they are clear and free from scale deposits and scratches. Jan I went out to the pumphouse this morning and heard beeping from the controller of my Trojan UV Max C4.

Manual didn’t mention any beeping (other than on the more sophisticated models). I googled and found this thread. I phoned the # for UV Max and they were very helpful. They directed me to the supplier I’d purchased the.

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The Pro10 Model is a 10 GPM point-of-entry system that renders chlorine-resistant parasites, bacteria and viruses such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia and E. Coli harmless.

This NSF certified system features a UV output sensor, lamp age indicator, malfunction monitor, CoolTouch fan and dynamic flow restrictor. Looking for an effective UV system with a GPM flow rate? Look no further the Trojan UV Max Pro 10 series ultraviolet system is your best choice for providing the ultraviolet protection you need at an excellent price point. Features of the Trojan UV Max F4 Plus ultraviolet system: GPM (GALLS PER MINUTE FLOW RATE) GPM. Buy a Viqua replacement lamp used in the UVMax Model G, G+, PRO Free Shipping over $, % Money Back Guarantee, Ships from Canada!

DescriptionViqua is the replacement lamp used in the UVMax Model G / G+ / PRO The Viqua UVMAX Pro10 - 10 GPM NSF certified UV disinfection system is equipped with the advanced features you expect from a professional light commercial. High-performance amalgam UV lamp reduces maintenance requirements by lasting up to 2 years replacement Reliable: New, market leading flow meter / UV sensor combination provides real-time UV dose Powerful/Space Saving: Revolutionary Amalgam Lamp provides 4x the output of standard output lamps, giving you compact single-lamp systems that are half.

The Trojan UV Max Pro 10 and Pro 20 have been tested and certified to NSF Standard 55 Class A. This is the only UV system to have met the rigorous requirements of this Standard. This is your assurance that TROJAN UV MAX will provide you and your family safe drinking water.

PDF Downloads Of Trojan UV Max Unit Specifications. The Viqua Pro10 UV System Powered by UVMax offers a compact design incorporating plug and play connections, a sophisticated UV monitor, and a revolutionary flow restrictor. An optional solenoid valve kit can be added to all Viqua Pro10 UV systems, which is equipped with a manual override to make shocking the water lines easy. Recommended Viqua (Trojan) UVMax UV sterilizer accessories * NSF-certification (Pro7, Pro10, Pro15, Pro20 and Pro30 models) is based on a minimum dose dose of 40, μWs/cm2.

Flow rate recommendations are based on 75% UV transmittance (UVT) and after 9, hours of bulb operation. These include UV Lamp, Power Supply, Quartz Sleeve & Stainless Steel UV Reactor (Water Chamber). Trojan Pro Series UV Systems treat the water for the whole home, eliminating % of bacteria and viruses including chlorine-resistant cysts that are not tested for in routine water tests (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia).

Water Filtration Systems Trojan Technologies Trojan UV Max Owner's Manual Water Filtration Systems Trojan Technologies TrojanUVMax Pro10 Owner's Manual. Pro/plus/basic series ultraviolet water purification system (24 pages) Page 11 Einbau- und Betr iebsanleitung Installation and Operation Manual UV-Desinfektionsanlage UV-Disinfection.

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solenoid valve kit uv max pro 10 20 free shipping over $ in the 48 contiguous states. fast shipping available to alaska, hawaii and canada. • For Trojan UV Max Pro10, Pro20, Pro30, G/Plus, H/Plus, and J/Plus, replace the Trojan UV bulbs and o-rings every two years Installing a sediment prefilter (rated at 5 microns or less) before the Trojan UV ensures that no sediment, algae, dirt, or other particles can are in the water creating "shadows.". Trojan UV Replacement Lamp for UV MAX Model PRO 10, G/PLUS # Price: $) Part Number: Trojan UV Lamp for UV MAX Model PRO 10, G/PLUS #60 .com however sells different brands of ultraviolet lamps and replacement parts that are compatible with Trojan UV Max® systems and are of equal or greater quality. Free Shipping. Orders over. The UV systems offer a 4-log reduction (%) of bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts (Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium). US EPA UVDGM validated Pro 50 Series is available for flow rates of 50GPM and above. Viqua UV Max Pro Ultraviolet Water Systems Technical Data: UV Water System: Description: Pro 50 R - US. Each Aquafine UV lamp model is engineered to focus the power of concentrated UV light, providing optimum ozone destruction, TOC reduction and chlorine/chloramines destruction. All Aquafine Standard, High Efficiency (HE), and Validated UV lamps, undergo . Viqua Trojan UV Replacement Sleeve G, G+ & PRO Part# This is a Genuine Viqua/Trojan Ultraviolet Replacement. This sleeve fits Trojan UV Max models G, G+ & PROThis sleeve needs to be replaced when it can no longer be cleaned %. It is always a great idea to have a spare sleeve on hand. Please check out our video above on how to maintain this unit. UV Max GPM UV System w UV Intensity Monitor & 2 year Lamp life - NSF Certified UV Max (Trojan UVMAX) PRO Series Systems (NSF Certified) Manuals & Certifications. Product Brochure for Service Manual for NSF 55 Certified.

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Anycubic 4Max Pro FDM 3D Printer, Sensitive Touch Screen, Modular Design with Ultrabase Platform, Printing Size up to x x Inches, Compatible with Flexible Filaments. The Viqua UltraViolet Lamp Sleeve Bolt is a genuine OE part from the manufacturer. It is designed to fit many Viqua UV disinfection systems, such as VIQUA UVMAX A, B4, C4, D4, D4 Plus, E4, E4 Plus, F4, and 4 Plus. The Viqua Lamp and Sleeve Kit provides all the materials necessary for a successful bulb installation for the Viqua D, D4/PLUS, D4-V, IHSD4, IHSD4, as well as retired Trojan UV Max models C, C4, and C4-V. This kit includes the lamp bulb, quartz sleeve, and 2 o-rings for an all-inclusive installation blank-center.rus: The Viqua Pro Replacement Sensor tracks the usefulness of your ultraviolet lamp, so that you know with greater precision when it is time to change the light. Keep your water supply safe by regularly replacing your UV lamp. For optimum performance, replace the UV bulb every months, and clean the quartz sleeve every 3 blank-center.rus: 4. Trojan UVMax Replacement Lamp P/N Fits these systems: C/D, C4, D4, D4 Plus, D Plus Warranty: 1 year on lamps and sensors. If it's not a Genuine Sterilight® or TrojanUVMAX? part, it shouldn't be part of your system.